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    Posted by annmariefernande on August 5, 2021 at 11:26 pm

    Problems with Other Symbols

    Pedobear is too /b/, too associated with anti-pedo trolling. It’s also too funny, and so too easy to memeify and make meaningless.

    For many uses, this is pedobear’s coolest feature, shared with the pedo smiley, because it means it’s a symbol that can be worn openly as a pin or whatever. But, the ambiguity of these symbols sucks when you’re anonymous.

    More importantly, without a stencil, it’s too much of a bitch to tag-and-run. And WITH a stencil, there’s not a hell of a lot that can be done to customize it to your own personal style.

    The Spiral Triangle is great: it’s really easy to draw, and has no silliness, so it doesn’t get memed. Unfortunately, it’s purely for BL: we want a more holistic symbol. || That PDF also has a symbol for girl love, and one for child love in general, what about those?

    So, we need an easy-to-draw symbol that unequivocally says “the person who posted this tag is a pedo” so’s people can feel solidarity knowing that someone else who’s been there felt the same way.

    So, here’s my suggestion, and the one I’m gonna start using. If you come up with other ideas, please add them too!

    I cannot express how it’d make me feel, to see a tag like this in my local area, to know that I wasn’t alone, even if I knew we’d never meet.

    Here’s my idea. Please add your own ideas, and/or comments.

    To the above users who expressed “feeling alone”, and others who are reading this who feel the same: come to Japan. Lolicon (the Japanese word for PEDOPHILE, NOT “CARTOON PORN” OR HOWEVER ELSE IT’S BEEN WHITEWASHED) is an openly discussed topic in Japan, in a way that you would never believe until you come here and become fluent in Japanese.

    The word “torpedo” is a nice way of advertising your wares subtly. Listing both “torpedo” and “depthcharge” in a site description or user profile will get you near the top of most substring searches for pedo pthc, without having any obviously “bad” words. I’ve used this on various p2p services over the years. And, as several sites have acknowledge by their names, it’s a great way to join the concepts of Tor and pedos.

    So, the idea is a stylised torpedo, called the “tor|pedo” as a mnemonic that it has the line in.

    Identifying traits

    It has the following identifying traits.

    A “bomb” or “fish” shape.
    Moving right-to-left (“against the flow”, “facing the sinister”, “coming from the side of the right”, etc).
    A vertical line through it near the head, to represent the warhead (represents “the line” that everyone draws, and how every pedo draws their personal lines and limits in the place that feels right to them; or represents getting “pedo head”).


    It has the following advantages.

    Could easily be drawn by hand.
    Could have a TorChat or TorIM ID written inside it.
    Can be done as one-liner asciiart.
    Plausible deniability: “I just saw it in someone else’s sig and liked it”.
    Not fun or funny, so unlikely to be memed to shitty meaninglessness by non-pedos.

    Similarity to existing symbols

    Like the pedo smiley, this has a significant similarity to existing symbols, so it can hide among them.

    Specifically, it is very similar to the Christian Icthys/”Jesus Fish”, and might be confused with it by the uninitiated, but it has the vertical line behind the “head”.

    You can always make the torpedo-ness more obvious with straight sides, a rounded head, a closed tail, a wake, etc, but only that straight line separating the “head” is the definitive difference between this symbol and the icthys.

    If you see a dirty car with an Icthys, it’s a moment’s work to shine up the fish and the stalk of the J in “Jesus”. Anyone says “Hey!”, you can just say you were cleaning the fish because you didn’t like seeing it dusty like that.

    The same works for those “ribbon” stickers – a line through the dust in the loop of the ribbon says the same thing.

    These ones are definitely tor|pedoes:

    (TOR|PEDO><|~~ ~ ~ ~


    <T|2010>< [a good tag for, say, a hymnal at church.]

    tor|pedo [No even using the shape, just the name]

    These ones MIGHT BE a Tor|pedo masquerading as an Icthys, but you can’t tell:

    (@|##>< ~~ ~


    The following are definitely Icthyses, not tor|pedoes.


    “I’m a pedo, here’s my TorIM ID/Torchat ID”

    (TI|TorIMUser><|~~ ~

    (TC|MyTorChatID><8~~ ~ ~

    Usage notes

    Anonymous forms are the ONLY form of this tag that you should use locally. DO NOT USE Tor IDs in a tor|pedo in your local area, as these would allow local law enforcement to message you and set you up for a sting. You’d be geolocating your Tor ID, which you never want to do. But on vacation, business trips, public transport, and tourist sites, these versions might be cool.

    Obviously, don’t use either form near your regular tag. LEO aren’t tag-blind, whatever we like to think. And it’d be a really ass move to put them near OTHER people’s tags. Don’t do that. Not even to cap a writer who publicly comes out against the pedo community. That shit will only force other people to get involved and take sides too.

    So yeah, if nobody’s got other suggestions, I’m gonna start tagging this. I won’t post pics of any I do locally: that’d be geolocating me. (But you’re a fucktard because any found might be attributed to you as well.) But if I see any by other people, I’ll post them on boards, and when I travel, I’ll do them and take pics.

    Insert non-formatted text here=== Also === Some people have already begun using <tor|pedo><3 and <de|pthcharge><3 symbols in certain places around the internet, keep an eye out for them

    annmariefernande replied 2 years, 3 months ago 0 Member · 0 Replies
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